Group/Meeting Contribution

At the last form you will need to add the name of a meeting or group for which you may be making this contribution.

Suggested Contribution: $25.00

Minimum Contribution: $10.00

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CMA Group Donations.
Some groups, after paying their meetings expenses and putting aside enough money for a prudent reserve, find that they have money left over to give to the service structure of CMA as a whole. Your meeting decides what percentage of that money goes to which entity of CMA. There are no rules or requirements about this. Some meetings simply don’t take in enough money to make contributions, other meetings can. The addresses below are provided fore your meeting can make such a contribution. Most meetings hold a business meeting and take a group conscience to decide these matters. Some will have to determine how much money to put away for lean times or unexpected expenses. Our rule of thumb is to build up a prudent reserve of 2 months of expenses. Funds above that are then divided between the service arms of our Fellowship.

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